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User data growth is exploding. Staying in control is key. With an instant, detailed
overview of how your file-servers, NAS or SANs  are being used you are in command. 
WhatData provides you with next-generation, web-based interactive Storage Analytics that delivers
immediate value. No software. No install. No headaches. Just focus on what really matters, such as managing your storage efficiently.
WhatData Storage Analytics is unique in that it not only lets you report on users, files and file types, but also gives you fresh insights into where the actual problem areas lie. By applying Analytics to the findings, bottle necks are highlighted for you to concentrate your management efforts where they will pay off the most. WhatData Storage Analytics cuts through the data fog for you, to save you time. That is what separates WhatData Storage Analytics from traditional storage reporting tools.
WhatData Storage Analytics reports on Windows file-servers, NetApp filers, EMC filers, Dell Storage, HP Storage and others.

Features New

Report on File Owners

Owner Analysis: Who owns what and where?

The storage usage per user is sliced and presented in multiple dimensions to give you an instant indication of where “anomalies” can be found. These displays help you understand where potential problems are located, so that you can address those immediately.

One example is where the storage use per user is grouped by their last file system access, so that you can pinpoint users that owns a lot of data and hasn’t been active with their data for a long time. That might indicate that there is space to be reclaimed.

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Finding large or rarely used folders

Getting a clear picture of which folders or shares take up the most or the least space can be cumbersome. Or identifying which folders have been accessed most recently or vice versa. WhatData visualizes your largest folders/shares in a color-coded Tree-map to help you quickly identify large or rarely used ones.

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Visual map of folders
Reporting on files

View files by size, age, acesss and more

See which files are the largest files or the oldest files. WhatData groups them by owner or by type of file, to help you assess who is holding most of the large files, or which applications are hoarding most of the large or old files. Are there applications no longer in-use?  

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Growth: Predicting storage growth

A graphical representation of your data-growth over time. Helps you understand and plan ahead based on historical growth patterns. Knowing when to make investments, when you may run out of disk, is critical.

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Storage and Data growth

File Aging Analysis

Aging Analysis: Spot the old and stale data

WhatData analyzes when files were created, accessed or last modified, and visually groups them by the number of files or the amount of storage they take up. This presents you with an instant view of how mature your data is, what your “data demographics” looks like. 

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Size Analysis: Sizing up your data

By grouping files (the number of files or the amount of storage they take up) in size buckets, it gets easy to assess just how much of your data is of what size. WhatData arranges your data and categorizes them in Huge, Large, Medium, Small, Tiny etc types of file classes to help you spot the size distribution across your storage.

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File Size Reporting

File Type Analysis

What type of data is eating up storage?

Some applications use up more storage than others. And some applications might not be in use any longer? By making the connection between storage use and the associated applications, finding storage use patterns becomes easier.   

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