Web-based, instant
Storage Analytics

Next-generation, web-based Storage Analytics that delivers immediate results today. No Software. No Install. No hefty license fees. No headaches.


Just focus on what really matters, such as managing your storage efficiently.


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Disk full? Add disk.
Disk full again...?

User data growth is exploding. Discover storage growth rates, usage patterns and data structures with WhatData Storage Analytics.


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Who is using up what storage, where, when and how much?

Get a clear view of who's consuming what disk space, where and with what type of data, and concentrate your efforts where it will pay off the most.


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Migration, Tiering and Retention policies?

Knowing what data to keep, what data to do away with, what data is active, what data is obsolete, is key to efficient storage management.


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It's easy to get started, create a free account in less than 30 seconds. As soon as you've run your first analysis, you'll be ready to explore a wealth of data from your own storage system.

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The Analytical Edge. Gain insights that matter

WhatData Storage Analytics is a web-based Enterprise Storage Reporting tool that lets you report on how your file servers, NAS and SANs are being utilized. It is unique in that it not only lets you report on users, files and file types, but also gives you immediate insights into where the actual problem areas lie. By applying Analytics to the report data, bottle necks are highlighted for you to concentrate your management efforts where they pay off the most. WhatData Storage Analytics cuts through the data fog for you, to save you time. 



Find out how your storage is being utilized, which users are occupying the most space, certain data types perhaps? With insight comes knowledge.

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Regain Space

Cleaning out old, no longer used data, is a quick way to reclaim capacity. Classifying data according to access trends allow you to zero in on what data could be relocated.

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Storage Growth

Identify storage growth trends, to get a heads-up on critical utilization trends that may develop into out-of-control situations.

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